PoliceDavid Horn Communications has been supporting police forces at home in the UK and around the world since 1985 and as such has a wealth of knowledge – both in terms of operational procedures and technical expertise.

The Company is now recognised as a world leader in the surveillance field – particularly in audio/video surveillance and tracking.  Systems are designed wholly in-house or in close conjunction with specialist partners including Covidence A/S and WireOnAir A/S of Denmark.

Equipment may be directly ‘off-the-shelf’ or designed and integrated to meet a specific operational need.  Confidentially is always assured throughout the whole design and manufacturing process.

The Company also leads the way in digital interview recording systems and software and is now the world’s largest manufacturer.  DHC designed the original interview recording tape machines, and in conjunction with NEAL, has installed and serviced them now for over a quarter of a century.  Servicing still continues to this day for those forces that have not completely moved on to the Digital MultiStream Interview Recorder range of DVD or medialess machines.

In addition, the company has being developing and supplying a range of body worn video systems for UK Police forces since 2006.  This experience has culminated us in launching in 2017 the first fully P.A.C.E. compliant Body Worn Video device on the market.

Due to the highly confidential nature of many DHC’s products, specific technical information and imagery is not available via this website, but please select one of the nine Police categories for further information prior to contacting us.