Covert Audio & Video

Covert Audio & VideoDavid Horn Communications has built a reputation over the years throughout UK Police Forces – and indeed worldwide – for producing some of the most innovative covert audio and video products in the industry. These products are suitable for a wide variety of professional evidence and intelligence gathering applications.  The Company also has the in-house capability to tailor this type of equipment to individual requirements or for specific operations.

An extensive range of miniature audio and audo/video equipment is available, ranging from budget and medium priced equipment through to the latest highly specialised, world-leading systems from Covidence A/S and WireOnAir A/S of Denmark.

Covidence covert video systems feature micro HD recorders with day/night cameras and a wide range of interchangeable accessories.  Models now feature Store-and-Forward and live streaming. Miniature COFDM transmission units are also available.

Static, mobile and body-worn surveillance systems from WireOnAir feature live wireless hi-fi audio, Store-and-Forward and positioning data with remote system control.  Systems are modular and use a wide variety of transmission technologies based around: Bluetooth®, GSM, 3G/4G, Broadband uplinks, the Thuraya satellite and GPS.

Cameras and the hides associated with covert systems have always been a particular speciality of David Horn Communications – from the introduction of the world’s very first button camera through to the latest high-resolution micro day/night cameras with stereo microphones.  Some body-worn systems also feature a unique set of quickly interchangeable hides designed to suit the individual operator’s gender or cover.

New systems with their appropriate hides are continually being developed to meet customer needs; and others, such as the ever popular pre-wired, covert-entry RDKs (Rapid Deployment Kits) updated by incorporating the latest HD cameras, triggers, recorders and transmission technologies.  Systems range from simple audio-only through to fully autonomous, buriable and weatherproof kits with video, camera control, triggering devices, ANPR and transmission.

The Company has led the industry with many innovative extremely high-resolution cameras including portable ANPR units, the original and still continually evolving 360 degree PTZ CylinderCam family – including the latest Full HD/IP CylinderCam and CylinderCam Mini versions which lend themselves to being easily incorporated into a variety of novel portable hides and also observation vehicles.

David Horn Communications is the sole UK distributor for Covidence A/S and WireOnAir A/S of Denmark.

In 2018 we were appointed as the sole UK Security Distributor for Reconyx. We supply their range of covert surveillance cameras including the MS7 MicroFire. This is a wi-fi enabled vehicle number plate camera/recorder