Body Worn Video


New Theia smallOvert Body Worn VideoTheia – our latest P.A.C.E. compliant Body Worn Video device. Theia offers up to full HD 1080P video, with integral Wi-Fi and GPS receiver for GEO tagging files. It includes the latest ultra-low light capability providing high picture quality in the visible light and near infrared light conditions. The lightweight camera has a rotating, articulated head allowing secure positioning and a 130° horizontal field of vision as standard.

Theia comes with a standard Klickfast fitting. Optional  mounts includes chest harness, TAG mounting, Stick on mount, Screw on mount, Molle vest, handlebar mount, rucksack mount, epaulette mount, anti-tilt dock with spring clip, car windscreen/dashboard mount. Theia can also be easily mounted to a ballistic helmet via the picatinny rail. A secondary USB camera connected via cable to the main device worn elsewhere on the body offers numerous mounting options including glasses, headset and baseball cap (for both covert and overt use). This configuration will provide 2 different views of any recorded incident from a single recording device offering additional evidence. A mobile App allows remote access to authorised users providing camera set up and playback.

Coupled with EvidenceLink, our Data/Evidential Management System software solution it provides a truly modular solution. Everything from the simplest standalone scenario to complex Multi-site networks. It also offers browser based remote access for users.

All video, stills and audio are in a non-proprietary format. Files are encrypted on the device and de-crypted on download to EvidenceLink. The digital sumcheck (SHA256) is maintained from point of capture through to storage and presentation in court.