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Davidhorn delivers easy to use tools and techniques to capture the most accurate account of events. Held in a format that withstands legal challenge and where legislation allows. Our technology enables a digital fingerprint that secures lawful and righteous evidence, but the right technology is only half the job. 

Bringing the right mindset, process and procedures to the interview process is essential and can be ensured through our training program.
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hardware, and software offerings. 

Digital Interview Recorders

The DHC MultiStream recorder range meets or exceeds all legislative requirements and recommendations and offers a future-proof, modular design.

Capture Mobile App

The Capture mobile app enables secure transactions of digital evidence between mobile devices and in-house services, fully automated and audited.

Covert Audio & Video

We have built a reputation over the years for producing some of the most innovative covert audio and video products in the industry.

Transcriber Kit

MST-4 is the UK’s only stand-alone CD/DVD/USB Interview Transcription unit. It transcribes from all known digital interview recording formats.

Indico Recorder

A user-friendly and "ready for court" application for the recording of all types of interviews!

Ark Interview Management

Ark is an interview management solution for accurate functionality to receive, monitor and retain the evidence throughout its lifetime.

Transmission of Video & Data

Fast moving security situations require instant access to the latest intelligence and with our state-of-the-art digital systems, secure and effective transmission of audio, video, control and positioning can be achieved

Video and Image Enhancement

Since 2017 we have been the UK reseller for Foclar B.V. We offer their range of video enhancement software solutions.


A full range of tracking products is available complete with modems, processors, dishes and antennas.

Custom Design & Build

We have an enviable reputation for developing unique surveillance products either after identifying a need within the police market or to fulfil specific orders.

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