From 11th-13th March, representatives of David Horn Communications manned the Company’s stand at Farnborough for this year’s Home Office event.
The company was proud, as always, to also represent in the UK: WireOnAir, Covidence (Oculus) and InfoDRAW.
A number of new DHC and agency products were well received and in particular the latest 3G DropCam, MicroCam and InfoBoxx.
The highly robust, weatherproof and self-contained 3G DropCam proved to be of great interest as it offers immediate video from a scene via the inbuilt high-resolution CylinderCam pan, tilt and zoom unit. Officers can rapidly deploy a working unit, whether it be at an incident or as part of a covert operation, and continue with the task in hand (or depart) without any further setting-up time at the scene.
The new MicroCam, already becoming known as the ‘Pepper-Pot’, is as the name indicates a very small unit measuring just 3.5cm diameter by 9.9cm in height. Ideal for fitment where space is very restricted and is also easily concealed. It features a high quality camera module with pan and tilt, and various lens options (not interchangeable).
InfoBoxx was launched at the show and provides ruggedised video transmission for covert surveillance, monitoring and tracking.  At the heart of the system is a secure server application, enabling multiple encoders and viewers to work together. Video streams may be played on wireless devices such as Smartphones and tablets whilst maintaining exceptional clarity.  Full pan, tilt and zoom control of cameras at the viewer’s end gives the system great flexibility. Where bandwidth is limited, the InfoBoxx technology offers an ideal solution for live audio, video and location with high-quality real-time video.

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