Vehicle Rear Vision Systems

Rear Vision SystemsThe Vehicle Rear Vision Systems division of David Horn Communications supplies vehicle rear vision systems for the elimination of blind-spots and for the improvement of rear vision both during normal driving and whilst reversing.

The use of these systems can bring about great savings by reducing collisions and their associated costs, but particularly in improvements to employees’ health and safety in the workplace. High risk applications include: Local Authority refuse and hazardous waste vehicles – working on the highway, in their yards and at tips; distribution depots; and also in agriculture where it is further used for planting and harvesting guidance.  Multiple camera switching systems are also available for the prevention of accidents involving agricultural workers at the rear of farm machinery.

Systems comprise a weatherproof rear-facing camera (or cameras) and a dashboard/cab-mounted mono or colour monitor offering many features including: audio, split-screen view (for multiple cameras), auto switch-on (when reverse is selected) and day/night sensing.