Trading Standards

Trading StandardsThe Company has long been associated with Trading Standards, particularly in the field of juvenile volunteer test purchasing.

Body-worn and bag-carried high definition digital audio-video transmitting and recording systems have been developed in conjunction with the TSI for use by officers combating the large number of shopkeepers flouting the law in relation to selling juveniles age-restricted goods – particularly alcohol, cigarettes, solvents, adult DVDs, knives, and fireworks.

With particular regard to the safety of the juvenile, the systems enable supervisory officers to greatly reduce risk by viewing (and listening) on the hand-held colour monitor what the juvenile is confronting from another part of the premises or even outside as it occurs.

The many other applications for this equipment include: investigating car-boot sale activities, one-day sales/mock auctions, travel agent special offers, market traders selling counterfeit goods, and rogue tradesmen.

A wide variety of other covert audio and video systems (both from stock and custom-built) are available for use in Trading Standards applications. As suppliers to ‘House of Horrors’, ‘Rogue Traders’ and many other similar television programmes the Company has much specialist knowledge and can provide complete installations and also training seminars led by some of the UK’s leading experts. Pre-wired hire kits are also available for short-term rogue trader projects.