RaceCamThe Company has supplied and supported the sport industry at the very highest international level for many years on the road, track and water with specialised on-board broadcast-quality video cameras and recording systems.

These systems are designed to be vibration-free and robust but lightweight conforming to all regulations within the relevant sport.
Cameras and their mountings are individually designed and positioned to achieve the views required by the television or recording companies whether this be, for example, forward or rear-facing, driver’s view or externally and aerodynamically mounted (in such as Grand Prix cars and Superbikes).

Sports covered using the Company’s systems have included international Grand Prix, Superbikes, the World Rally championship, British Touring Car Championship, F1 International Powerboat Racing and even horse racing.

Offshoots from RaceCam projects have included ultra-lightweight systems attached to birds, providing remarkable footage for a number of acclaimed BBC television wildlife series.