Miscellaneous Equipment

Misc EquipDavid Horn Communications Limited has an enviable reputation for developing unique surveillance products either after identifying a need within the police market or to fulfil specific orders.  Many products now common in the security market place originated at David Horn Communications.

The Company continually pushes the boundaries of technology during the development of new equipment and as a result novel products outside its normal core range also find their way into production.
Some of these products include: the portable  Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras and software (including IR illumination),   AsboCam – a temporary, self-powered high-resolution camera system with integral DVR for lamppost mounting for monitoring criminal behaviour orders and injunctions, or to monitor short-term potential problem locations not covered by town-centre CCTV networks.  Another example of this type of development is Polecat (inset), a remotely controlled high-level camera and equipment platform which can be rapidly deployed using lampposts or other poles at major incidents or for use in temporary crowd control applications.