Multistream VIW Digital Interview Recorder

MultiStream VIW 1Witness Interview smallThe MultiStream VIW triple-deck DVD interview recording system (for Vulnerable or Intimidated Witnesses including children) is one of a unique range of both static and portable professional recorders for police forces worldwide to meet the need for digital video evidential recording.

This static model has been designed specifically for use in VIW interview suite monitoring rooms and therefore does not feature the integral TFT set-up colour monitor of the standard static or portable recorder. It is housed within a lightweight but robust metal case and is normally commissioned by qualified DHC engineers who also install the accompanying equipment such as stereo microphones, cameras (for close-up and overall room view), camera joystick controller and separate monitor.

A small integral monitor provides detailed status messages, and warnings are also overlaid on the live video (viewed on a separate monitor). Ten second previews from each disc (with audio) are also shown at the close as confirmation of a satisfactory recording.

These robust recorders are designed for long service life and ease of operation with the absolute minimum of training and feature many advanced functions, alarms and safeguards. A broadband web interface is also provided for local server-based DVD back-up, remote upgrades, fault diagnostics and maintenance.

Fully complies with police legislation on suspect and vulnerable witness interviews including PACE, Private Standard CJS2004 and the Home Office memorandum of Good practice.

· Simultaneously records three identical discs directly to DVD+R
· Recording time: > 2hrs
· DVD finalization time less than four minutes per full DVD (DVD+R)
· Integrated uninterruptible power supply and auto finalization of recordings on power failure
· Chapter and time search navigation of DVD.
· Video Compression
· Video and Audio Out
· Status Monitor – VFD
· Headphone Socket (Rear)
· Audio Compression
· Stereo Microphones