Multistream Static Digital Interview Recorder

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Static smallThe Multistream Static triple-deck DVD Interview Recorder is one of a unique range of professional recorders for Police forces worldwide to meet the need for high quality digital video evidence recording.

Multistream was designed in conjunction with the Home Office and is fully upgradeable to the latest NPIA specifications. Fully complies with police legislation on suspect interviews including PACE, Private Standard CJS2004 and the Home Office memorandum of Good practice.This robust recorder is designed for long service life and is therefore future proof. The recorder is extremely easy to operate with minimal training, and the many advanced features, alarms and safeguards include integral back-up stereo Knowles microphones.

MultiStream is key-switchable between audio/video and audio-only operation and three identical DVDs are produced. Remote monitoring capabilities also feature as standard on this model along with a warning lamp to show if monitoring is in progress. It records in conventional Picture-In-Picture (PIP) format, split screen or, if required, single camera view only.

· Simultaneously records three identical discs directly to DVD+R
· Recording time: >2hrs
· DVD finalization time less than four minutes per full DVD (DVD+R)
· Integrated UPS and auto finalization of recordings on power failure
· Chapter and time search navigation of DVD (automatically inserted).
· Video Compression
· Video and Audio Out – For external monitoring
· Audio-only mode – Key-switch operated
· Status Monitor – VFD
· 7” TFT Colour Monitor
· Audio Compression
· Stereo Microphones