Trap Vehicle Systems Now In Service

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David Horn Communications recently completed development of easily installed forensic trace dispenser kits for trap vehicles.  Systems have now been successfully put into service by the Metropolitan Police. One enterprising thief, not content with stealing the asset on display, located and removed the complete system. Proving as always that a little knowledge is dangerous, he did not take into account the integral transmitter (accurate to around 1 metre) which brought the MET to his bedroom door!






The comprehensive installation kits feature:
– Biosynthetic DNA automatic spray (2 dispenser nozzles)
– High quality video (with audio) – up to 4 cameras/mics
– SMS incident alert
– Confirmation video of offender transmitted to laptop
– Location of stolen asset (down to 80 metres)
– Fine hand-held locator (down to 1 metre)
– Rechargeable power supply, modem, mic amplifier, sonic sensor, covert infrared LEDs.

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