Roadside Dumpers Caught on Camera

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Bucks County Council along with many other councils and environmental agencies use specialised covert Rapid Deployment Kits from David Horn Communications in the fight against illegal dumping.

Court cases last week brought two more offenders to justice who in separate instances in the same week, just before Christmas, dumped waste that included four drums of fire extinguisher powder.  The individuals concerned were ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £2,931.

The video captured showed clearly the individuals carrying out their anti-social activities along with registration numbers and vehicle types (shown across – upper views).  The lower view shows an earlier incident where the dumpers actually left their load of tyres by the sign pointing out that CCTV operated in that area.  Well they were warned!

Roadside dumping is thought to cost tax payers in Bucks alone around £300,000 per annum.  In the last 12 months a record 75 illegal dumpers have been convicted.  Vice-chairman of the Joint Waste Committee, Martin Tett said: ‘Buckinghamshire is very much leading the way in terms of fly-tipping convinctions in the country.  This is because we are committed to catching offenders who illegally dump their waste in our beautiful county’.

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