Niche RMS Interview Plugins Available Now

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Through a collaboration with Cheshire Constabulary, David Horn Communications has successfully secured the procurement process to supply next generation digital interview solutions.  Critical to the process was demonstrating the ability to develop plugins for Niche RMS (Records Management System) and this has now been achieved.

The plugin allows initiation of the interview process from within the Niche RMS and then sends metadata directly to the MultiStream recorder.  An interviewing officer needs to input no additional information and may commence the interview without further delay in a manner with which he is already familiar – i.e. a two button operation.

At interview conclusion the video is uploaded to a central repository and a hyperlink is written to the Niche RMS database.  With the appropriate plugin this may then be transcribed or simply played-back from within the Niche RMS environment.

A plugin has also been developed to burn a DVD out of Niche RMS for distribution to defence solicitors and others.


What NICHE TECHNOLOGY says about Niche RMS:

‘Niche RMS is an incident-centric system. Policing is about managing incidents and, irrespective of the incident type, there are common information requirements in relation to the location, people involved, vehicles involved or property relevant to the incident – for example, a stolen television, a damaged car or a weapon.

Tasking and workflow functions support the management of an incident in the system: tasking an officer to take a statement, submit a report, etc. An overview of tasks being undertaken in relation to any particular incident, by an individual or a team, offers multiple options for understanding and reviewing progress on specific investigations or individual workloads. Workflow automates the movement of information within the application, automatically creating tasks, changing data security and performing other actions.

Niche RMS features a sophisticated security model that controls access to information at the domain level (typically a geographical policing area or a single police force in a multi-jurisdictional system) and at the role level (police positions such as patrol officer, supervisor, etc.). Additionally, Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be applied to individual records or groups of records to exercise fine-grained control over who can access what in the system.

There are six main functional areas in Niche RMS:

– Crime management

– Intelligence management

– General incident management

– Property management

– Court case preparation.’


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