David Horn Communications Ltd has been supplying police worldwide with overt and covert surveillance and evidence gathering systems for nearly 30 years.
In recent years the Company has worked closely with the UK Police and Home Office following the ‘Draft Guidance for the Police Use of Body Worn Video Devices’ and developed the EVEREC ME1(POL) system. This equipment gained the NPIA Spec. 5 Full Pass in 2008 and is still in use with a number of Forces today.
With current requirements now moving towards a single vest-worn unit – unlike the ME1(POL) featuring a separate camera and belt-mounted recorder – the Company can now offer the POL/BWV-14A. This robust, purpose-made, highly featured unit offers full HD video at a very competitive price.
The combination of 16Mp, full 1080P HD and a 160° field-of-view prevents the need for exposed articulated camera heads which require regular adjustment and repositioning depending on the scenario.  Articulated heads are also frequently exposed to force, or simply knocked out of adjustment when getting into or exiting vehicles. The wide-angle camera lens is further protected by an optically clear screen which may be easily wiped over. The resulting wide-angle HD footage offers post-event zoom to view even the smallest detail – ensuring that nothing is ever missed (despite the angle of the officer’s upper body) and even extending beyond the normal human field-of-view.
Main Features:

  • High Definition video
  • Wide-angle view
  • Image stabilised
  • Simple, positive, one click recording
  • Pre-event recording
  • Night vision/IR
  • Encrypted/watermarked
  • Weatherproofed to IP67
  • Robust and drop-tested to 3 metres
  • Long battery life
  • KlikFast option
  • Docking station option
  • Optional external GPS and 3G plugins
  • Competitively priced with no additional on-going licensing costs.

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