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By optimizing the interview situation and protecting the integrity of all involved, we deliver a toolkit for impartial, trustworthy evidence, designed to protects civil rights, unlock the truth, and equip justice. Worldwide. 

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Why Investigative


An ‘investigative interview’ is an interview conducted to elicit evidence or information from a person, either witness, victim, complainant or suspect, during the process of an investigation.

The common objective of all investigative interviews is to elicit the most accurate, complete and detailed account of an incident in question.  The earlier the account can be captured in an investigation the more accurate the account of events is likely to be. 

The six stages of the interview process:

[ trahy-uh-log ], noun:
A discussion or conversation
in which three people
or groups participate.
How do we co-operate, even
when we are completely
different or total strangers?
Bringing in a 3rd party
to a conversation, like a
member of the public,
or a camera, changes
the dynamic.

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