Overt Body-Worn Video

David Horn Communications has being Overt Body Worn Videodeveloping and supplying a range of overt body worn video systems since 2006.Overt Body Worn Video BW  The Company worked closely with UK Police forces prior to the Home Office’s Body Worn Conference at Plymouth in 2007.  Equipment subsequently supplied to forces followed the ‘Guidance for Use of Body Worn Devices’. This new equipment provided officers with high quality audio and video evidence of a suspect’s conduct and was found to be valuable in a variety of other policing operations. Later systems supplied also gained the NPIA’s ‘Specification 5 Full Pass‘, allowing a national roll out programme.

Now, backed by this experience, a wide variety of the very latest body-worn systems (including helmet-mounted) are now in use throughout the UK and overseas. These systems offer exceptional audio and video quality, are compact and lightweight but highly robust, and are fully encrypted with audit trails.

In March 2015 The Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire confirmed David Horn Communications Ltd inclusion in the selection on four lots of the EMSCU (East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit) framework for Body Worn Video.