Networked Digital Interview Recorder

networkNetwork scenario.cdrDavid Horn Communications Limited is the only company able to demonstrate genuinely practical working integrated network solutions in the field.
Our solution has the capability to make the transition to completely media-less recording onto a network server where adequate infrastructures are in place.

Solutions designed for Cleveland and South Yorkshire Police for example have been configured with the MultiStream interview recorders interfaced to Custody Suite software and back-office Case Management Software. The interface to Custody Suite systems allows demographic information entered by the Custody Officer to be sent to the recorder and become part of the recorded interview. The recorder adds further information, (such as recorder ID, location, interview start and stop times) to the demographics, and in the case of a network-only solution this is uploaded to a network server along with the recorded interview.

Fully complies with police legislation on suspect interviews including PACE, Private Standard CJS2004 and the Home Office memorandum of Good practice.