HD Ultra Portable Interview Recorder

Ultra Portable

We have combined 30+ years of knowledge and applied today’s cutting edge technology to deliver a recorder capable of meeting all legislation for evidential recordings in a truly compact size.
The MS-UP1 device has been designed to operate stand alone, writing to media, or form part of a network solution uploading the data to a central repository when connected to the network.
Software is supplied, but it should be noted that the solution has been developed to be back end agnostic. Files delivered are in a non-proprietary format and the Meta data is a standard .json and/or .xml file which can be mapped into any data base which can import .xml data.

Features include:
• All in one design (130 x 115 x 98 mm)
• Up to 3 channel video recording
• Integrated 4K Overview camera
• Integrated 1080p 10 x Zoom Camera
• Integrated screen
• Meets all legislation including PACE.
• AES256 Encryption
• SHA256# Digital Signature
• Generates two copies simultaneously
• Network upload
• Auto delete on local SSD once uploaded files SHA256# is verified.
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Integrated battery backup to prevent Data Corruption.
• Simple REC/STOP control
• Burnt in time, date, elapsed time, serial number
• Meta data entry via Ethernet, touch screen or APP (optional).
• 2-3 Hour Battery Pack