Digital Interview Recorders

Interview RecordingThe first major digital interview recorder contracts were to supply the Australian police forces. One thousand five-hundred static and portable units are now in service across Australia. The Australian contracts were shortly followed by others throughout the Caribbean and in the USA. The first major award in the UK was for Thames Valley Police – this contract was to supply and support DHC MultiStreams force-wide.  To date some of these machines have logged well over 2,500 hours of interviews without fault. Multistream are now the UK and ROI Police’s most widely used Digital interview recorders, they have been chosen by many in England and Wales as the preferred solution force-wide.

The DHC MultiStream recorder range meets or exceeds all legislative requirements and recommendations (including: PACE, Private Standard CJS 2004, and the Home Office Memorandum of Good Practice) and offers a future-proof, modular design. MultiStreams are highly configurable, offering police forces the flexibility to record onto physical media (DVDs) initially, but having the capability to make the transition to completely media-less recording onto a network server where adequate infrastructures are in place.

A wide range of ancillary equipment is also available from DHC including: cameras, microphones, monitors, duplicators, media, software applications and transcribers; all at very competitive prices to enable budgets to be met. A recent addition to this range has been purpose-made interview recorder security devices and shelves for desk and wall mounting.

DHC-designed MultiStream interview recorders are available for all applications –

In addition to our existing Multistream range, 2018 saw the introduction of the NEW HD Ultra Portable Interview Recorder. This latest offering is an all-in-one design and meets all UK legislation for evidential recordings in a truly compact size.

To complement our Interview Recorders we also manufacture the UK’s only Stand-alone DVD/CD Interview Transcriber

Need to hold an interview before returning to the station?

Theia – Our wearable PACE compliant Field Interview Recorder is the answer.

Installations are normally carried out by DHC’s highly experienced and dedicated team.   These installations range from single interview rooms and vulnerable and intimidated witness suites, to large contracts for Force HQs and major immigration centres.

Full maintenance and repair facilities are available from David Horn Communications as the design authority and also a premier service agent for Neal, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and many others enabling all repairs to be efficiently and cost-effectively carried out in-house or by DHC’s own engineers in the field.