Zooming In on Suspects

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Extract from INFO4 Security

‘Cleveland Police have been able to add a crucial rapid deployment surveillance tool to their armoury, thanks to the development of a 12-660mm motorised zoom lens by Pentax.

The Cleveland Force is responsible for the policing of the four districts of Hartlepool, Lanbaurgh, Middlesborough and Stockton – an area covering some 230 square miles.

The policing strategy could be significantly hampered without the mobile surveillance kit that has been specially developed by David Horn Communications of Luton – a company specialising in work for government organisations.

According to Geoff Bwye of David Horn Communications, there was no comparable lens to the Pentax monster zoom, and the challenge lay in selecting the other kit components to allow Cleveland Police to deploy a surveillance system in under 20 minutes, capable of seeing pin-sharp images up to 3½ kilometres distant.

With a motorised 2x teleconverter as part of the lens package, it effectively becomes a 1,300mm lens.
‘On a JVC TK-1460 low-light camera it can observe activity half a mile away in astounding quality’, said Geoff Bwye of David Horn Communications.

The kit broadly comprises a housing, PT unit, battery pack, camera/lens combination and tripod. It delivers images of the kind of quality that are admissible as evidence and can be blown up to poster size for display.
Pentax 12-660mm lenses have an integral 2x extender that gives them a focal length of 24-1320mm. The additional optical element sits astride the optical axis, giving a ‘much more accurate image than one would ordinarily get from a digital zoom facility’, says Pentax.”

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