New Products at NPIA Ryton

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Technical Director Stuart Horn and Business Development Manager Geoff Bwye have just returned from NPIA Ryton and both reported on a most successful National Technical Surveillance Professional Development Forum.

 In this confidential venue the Company was able to demonstrate many new products, exclusive distributorships and services.  Particular interest was shown in the new self-fit surveillance vehicle kits; the enlarged CylinderCam range – which now includes the CylinderCam-Mini, and CylinderCam-Micro at just 8.7cm tall; and the largest range of miniature cameras available in the UK, all at the most competitive prices.

The latest Covidence micro video surveillance equipment featuring Store and Forward, live streaming and a new 3G dongle generated much interest as did the new extremely Low Light Camera range (LLCs) together with the miniature COFDM systems.

From WireOnAir, the new BATS2 and LINK II V.2 audio tracking systems proved popular and the stand personnel were able to give technical advice on these highly sophisticated audio tracking devices which use a variety of transmission technologies and now feature: Store and Forward, live streaming with location, and sleeper units for added range.

The miniature Scale systems also proved popular for their ability to give cost-effective high-quality wireless audio surveillance.

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