MST Interview Transcriber is a Winner

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The popular MST transcriber from David Horn Communications has proved to be a real winner with customers.  MST-1 was launched in December 2009 and this month the 400th machine has been built.

Now known as the MST-3 this reliable standalone machine not only transcribes discs produced by DHC’s own MultiStream range of police digital interview recorders but may also be used for the transcription of all known interview recorder DVDs and CDs.

Precise navigation through the interview is made using the purpose-built foot-switch (supplied) or the soft-touch control pad. The MST-3 is compact but highly robust with both the chassis and main cabinet being manufactured in metal.  This, combined with non-slip feet, enables the unit to remain in position whilst operating the control pad and using headphones.  Both a built-in speaker and headphones are provided.

The image shows MST with the optional high resolution 7″ LCD colour monitor which provides an additional aid when transcribing more difficult interviews.

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