Infodraw Wireless Mobile Video Solutions at DHC

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David Horn Communications has been appointed the sole distributor in the UK for the highly acclaimed Infodraw range of 3G and Wi-fi video transmission products. The Infodraw products are considered to be the most efficient and stable of video transmission units due to their unique compression algorithms – continuing to transmit when others would have frozen. A wide range of models is available from David Horn Communications with some devices being unique to DHC; including the RDK (Rapid Deployment Kit) 3Gi RemoteOps.

Infodraw is a global provider of wireless mobile video solutions, based on its innovative, wireless media streaming.  The company designs, develops and manufactures embedded media devices combining dedicated software for encoding, streaming, recording and monitoring live high quality video, audio and location.  All products are DSP based with a built-in 3G modem and powered either by an external power source or by lithium battery.  Units are designed to work within a cellular environment enabling variable bit rates and requiring minimal user intervention.  Smart phone clients such as iPhone, iPad and Android are supported.

The image shows: RDK 3Gi RemoteOPS (foreground),  MRS monitoring/streaming unit (rear left), PMRS wireless multimedia + location unit – (rear right).  For Wi-fi units ask for the WMRS.

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